07 October 2007

Conference Translations

I would like to hear General Authorities of other nationalities give their talks in their own languages and have it translated for English-speakers. Everyone else has to have conference translated, why not us now and then?

I understand English is probably the most universal language in the church (and in the world), but having been a missionary speaking another language, I know there is something about teaching in your native language... The spirit of the message flows more freely in a language you are truly comfortable with. Isn't it about time to give the saints in other countries the opportunity to hear General Authorities from their own countries speak in their native languages and thereby feel that much more integrated into and connected with the church as a whole? Let them hear just one or two talks every conference in their own language, not through a translator?


Crow's View said...

You know, I was thinking the same thing Sunday afternoon. Of course they put them on Sunday Afternoon because they know only hardocore LDS people are paying attention. But yeah I was thinking the same thing.

Annabelle said...

I concur 100%. Everytime I watch conference I think about that and wish it were so.