23 October 2008

Persecution Is Alive And Well

Recent news stories include:
- Rash of LGBT Assaults Hits Washington Campus
- Elderly Couple Slain in Indianapolis
- Psych test ordered for Oxnard boy in gay killing

Of course, nobody knows for sure whether the crimes are motivated by hatred for homosexuals, but in both cases, it's pretty hard to give any "benefit of the doubt".

This kind of violence may happen elsewhere to various demographics, so it's not like homosexuals are the only people dealing with this. Somewhere, people are similarly persecuted for believing in the wrong doctrines or adhering to the wrong religion. Somewhere else, people with the wrong skin tone are similarly persecuted. Somewhere else, people aligned with the wrong political activism are similarly persecuted. Somewhere else, people are persecuted for refusing to be silenced when they perceive wrongs by their government or society.

But in the United States, in regions as generally peaceful, tolerant, and let-and-let-live as Washington and Indiana, you don't hear about particular demographics just being randomly beaten without any personal conflict or motives such as theft or sexual assault. Nobody--no other group of people--in those areas (as far as I understand) deals with that kind of targeted, violent persecution.

It's disgusting and a symptom of some serious lingering illness in our society. I hope and pray that such people do not feel justified and energized by current political agendas they may misinterpret as signs of society's rejection and degradation of homosexual people. And I hope and pray that those who are actively fighting against such issues as gay marriage are keenly aware of the possible ripple effects of essentially making the gay community out to be an enemy to the fabric of society...

Note: For more information, see the Wikipedia article titled Violence against LGBT people.


Abelard Enigma said...

I fear the fallout from all of the negative prop 8 campaigning (from both sides) will last well beyond November 4th. We may be feeling the effects for years to come.

Not only will gays be targeted; but, I think the LDS church will be negatively impacted as well. We're already seeing media articles criticizing the church for their involvement in prop 8. The ability of the LDS church to mobilize its members to influence an election is not going unnoticed.

[kɹeɪ̯ɡ̊] said...

This is disgusting.

And the church will most definitely be seen as a bigoted homophobic organisation. They're in the middle of a self-fulfilling prophecy here. Outside society will not look on this favourably.