13 November 2008

I'd Hit Me

Ever have those occasional times, on good days, under the right lighting, when you get ready to go out for the evening, and before leaving, you look in the mirror to make sure you're all put together and think, "Heck yeah I'd hit that!"? Yeah, tonight was not one of those times, BUT it occasionally happens, and I'm not gonna lie: it's nice when it does.

A buddy I talked to about this, however, insists he doesn't have those moments. I told him I was surprised 'cause if I were him, I think I would. TMI? Maybe. Sometimes I relish the delightful quirkiness of gay friendships, like that slightly awkward line between affirmation and flirtation. But we're tight like that, so I think I'm OK saying such things to him (in moderation to avoid over-inflating an ego).

That conversation took me back to a conversation a couple of years ago with some mohomies about an aspect of gayness some people may not think of: turning yourself on. I'm talking fresh out of the shower, glancing in the mirror, and thinking, "yeah, that's not bad right there, I could do it for me". Now before you go thinking me the terrible narcissist, I'll just interject that this has not happened to me. ...recently. But one of my friends told a story about when a female friend of his asked him whether he's ever gotten turned on by seeing himself in the mirror, and when he put on his sheepish face and said maybe he had a time or two, this conservative Mormon girl laughed and said that was hot. I think people deserve a pat on the back for creative thinking that taps into rarely discovered/discussed quirks of life.

Oh, come on, I know there are others of you out there who have had at least brief autosexual moments. It's OK. This is a safe place to admit it.

...go ahead. Own up to it.



Dang, this is awkward...


Bravone said...

Ha! I love it! Made me smile this morning.

The Impossible K said...

Kudos for the autosexual plug (oh, that sounds dirty... ::blush::)
It seems, from conversations I've overheard on AVEN, that there are many people who confuse asexuals with autosexuals... cuz it seems "self-service" is the natural alternative to being serviced by others... hah.
In my case, of course, it's not quite an "I'd hit that" moment when I look in the mirror. Sometimes, I feel a wave of pity for my "girls" tho- it's a shame something so well-formed can only be enjoyed by someone who really doesn't care... (how's that for TMI?)

Mr. B said...

*sheepish grin*

Original Mohomie said...

K - you made me laugh out loud TWICE at work with your comment. Well done. I especially like that you pity the girls.

Incidentally, I wasn't trying to refer to "self-service" so much as self-appreciation. Seriously, folks. :-)