19 April 2009

Have You Ever Noticed...?

...that when a gay guy who is dating a girl takes pictures with his girlfriend, particularly when his gay friends are around, the pics usually show him turning or tilting his head ever-so-slightly away from her as she leans in?


Max Power said...


Original Mohomie said...

Ha, it's a little disconcerting how consistent it is. I've been observing it for some time, gathering more data/examples to see if I was just imagining it before saying anything here. Never mind the more subtle and subjective facial expression differences. The exceptions seem rare, but there are some for sure, and I find them refreshing. :-)

blj1224 said...

People should not allow anxiety about the perceptions of others to make them uncomfortable, which I assume is why the head is tilted away from the woman, especially when gay friends are present. Any relationship of value, regardless of the gender mix, should be respected, especially by those involved in the relationship.