25 January 2010

Standing Up for Alternative Marriages

A friend/fellow blogger recently posted something regarding mixed-orientation marriages and how they are, in my opinion, comically and ridiculously dismissed or decried by so many from the "free to make my own choices" gay community (though they have admittedly not [yet] sought to remove people's legal right to enter into them), and it's totally worth posting a link to it to encourage my readers to check it out and honestly consider what she's saying because I'm right behind her:

Every Once in a While

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Bravone said...

Thank you for this link. The past few months I have felt a bit beaten up by some within our own 'family' regarding my marriage. I like Samantha's attitude that she doesn't feel the need to defend her marriage to anyone.

Being on the receiving end of the criticism has benefited me in two ways. 1) I am more empathetic of the criticism waged against same sex marriages. 2) I have taken the opportunity to closely examine my marriage, evaluate where I need to improve, remember why I married and still choose to remain married, and realize just how happy I am, regardless of what others might think.

Thanks again for being fair minded.