13 April 2010

Is That All?

I read the article about Journey Into Manhood. It was interesting, but to be honest, I'd kind of pieced most of that together from overhearing bits and pieces of conversations (usually among people who, for some reason, assumed I'd been through JIM, which has been often) and reading a couple of previous articles. Sure, some of it sounds outlandish from outside or a bit "out there" when you're looking in from a regular, daily-life context. It's much weirder if you look at it super literally, which is not how it's meant to be processed. Honestly, I came away from that article thinking pretty much the same thing as when I first went through the temple: "That's what everyone was making such a fuss over being so out-there and 'weird'? It was symbolic and meant to instruct in an impacting way...but it wasn't shocking..." Some of the JIM stuff described was, I'll admit, over the top. I could see how it'd be illustrative and cathartic, especially in the context of needing to just pound through the emotional garbage, but it seems like there must be more constructive ways to achieve some of the same ends. But hey, these aren't professional therapists: just guys trying to help each other out the best they know how in a controlled environment. ...And no, I still have no interest in going. :-)


Mister Curie said...

I read the article as well. It was interesting to get the expose on JiM. I think I agree with the author that I don't think the activities are likely to change one's sexual orientation.

Matt said...

Thanks for posting the article. It was interesting.