06 May 2010

Articulation Complication

I have so much more to say about agnosticism and what I do believe, but a couple of things tend to hold me back:

a) Time: to really articulate it all requires quite a bit of explanation, which requires time to sit and sort out my thoughts coherently for readers, similar to how explaining to someone the ins and outs of LDS doctrine can't really be done in a page.

b) Appearance: trying to explain what I do believe is likely to come across to many or most LDS faithful as me trying desperately to find meaning while spouting off what amounts to a tinny and hollow view of life and eternity if it doesn't necessarily include deity and the atonement. At least, that's how I thought people sounded when they tried to explain how there was happiness and meaning in the world apart from or in the absence of "the gospel". And it's likely to come across to others who don't believe in Christianity as me trying to "justify my values" or appear credible to people whose belief system is archaic and silly. And I'm not trying to convert people to my way of thinking. So I wonder who I'm even trying to say it for, besides myself.

So I tend to sigh, say it's not worth the effort right now and I have more engaging things to do, and wait until I have some time and the drive to sit and hash something out. I'll get to it because I think, if nothing else, I need to write it for myself. It just may take a while and happen in segments.

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Bravone said...

I look forward to the day when you do write more about your beliefs because I respect you and value your thoughts. However, what you do as person, and how you live and interact with others, is really all I need to know about you to consider you someone I value as a friend.