16 July 2014

Far Between represents my hope

There's a film on the horizon that I think has the potential to advance the conversation around SSA/LGBT Mormons by leaps and bounds. If you'd like to know what Far Between is about, please watch the trailer below and consider helping the team meet its goal to finish this diverse and personal exploration of what it's like to be Mormon and gay today.

When I look around at conversations around homosexuality or same-sex attraction and Mormonism, and how they affect relationships of all kinds, I see a lot of misunderstanding and rifts on all sides that I believe can be meaningfully bridged, a lot of confusion and hopelessness I believe can be turned into self-determination and hopefulness, and inaccuracy and false judgments that seem worth correcting, not only for truth to filter through but for more constructive relationships among friends, families, and communities.

I believe this film not only encapsulates that idea but represents, itself, a key to helping us move a step forward into a better, more sustainable place collectively. And I know and love the filmmakers as empathy-centered, intelligent individuals who value respecting the integrity of individuals' stories, so I've had no reservations at all about inviting any of my friends from any perspective to share their story with them.

For me, personally, the project echoes some of my own journey and reminds me of the hundreds of conversations I've personally had about the issue over the years, people I've met, perspectives I've heard and shared. It reminds me that no matter how many answers I might think I have, and no matter how much I might think I know about what "they" believe, the whole thing is evolving quickly, and there are always new individuals with slightly different experiences or views. I personally believe we have an opportunity and responsibility to step out of our "camps" and engage with each other in that evolution for the benefit of those who are most vulnerable and have felt caught in the crossfire. My hope is that we can all agree to engage with empathy, seek first to understand, and help those who are just now starting to go through what I started going through ten years ago to have a potentially smoother go, to sort things out with a little broader and deeper understanding, a little calmer an environment, and a little more prepared community, so each one doesn't have to start from scratch.

I hope I can in some way help that happen, and of all the efforts I've seen, none represent that ideal better than Far Between, and I believe it has potential to reach a wide audience. Let's spread the word on blogs, on Facebook, and in our communities and help make this happen!

If you want to support Far Between or find out more, you can visit the web site, donate to the Kickstarter campaign, like the Facebook page, or follow Far Between on Twitter.

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