28 August 2008

Something in the Air

Sometimes, it feels like this is happening all around me. And it's a little scary. Be wary, my mohomies. It could happen to you.


Kengo Biddles said...

Loved this one when I first posted it on my blog. :)

Original Mohomie said...

Ha, it's a good'n. I've had it sitting around on my computer for quite a while, and when I was posting it, I figured someone else out there probably had already done so, but it still needed to be done because hey, it's just funny. ...and it's appropriate to how I feel sometimes lately about what I'm observing around me. For crying out loud, people. ;-)

Mr. B said...

This is in stiff competition with a third grader calling me evil for the thing that made my day the most. Congratulations.

Chedner said...

I'll have you know that it's tough coming out... extremely awkward wearing next to nothing when, beforehand, you didn't even like wearing shorts.

(But once you get used to it...)

Actually, the funny thing is that now that I'm 'out' some of my straight friends have been critizing me one how 'not gay' I am -- how I'm not sleeping around or girating sexually at gay bars and clubs, stuff like that.

Original Mohomie said...

Mr. B, glad I could bring a smile. I sometimes feel like I'm in smile-debt with you. :-)

Chedner, this is why we're friends.