11 September 2008

Day Of The Spoon

Holy freak, people! OK, out of the ten hits to my blog today, eight--yes, eight--are Google searches for spooning. Of all the posts I've ever published, The Big Spoon is far and away the most hit-on entry on my blog. I still get daily hits for it. I never knew it would become such a Google darling.

The sad part is, the poor saps who come here from Google searches about the guy being the little spoon and what it means are probably looking for some reassurance of their masculinity and heterosexuality, only to find a bunch of homos confirming that homos like being the little spoon. Poor guys.

So to my daily visitors looking for affirmation for your atypical taste in spooning behavior, I can only extend my empathy for being uncharacteristic among your kind and wish you peace in your quest for spoonish understanding. But hey, if any of you supposed straighties who prefer being the small spoon are feeling swayed to curiosity and want to try something a little different, I know where you can find a big spoon...who's your daddy?


Abelard Enigma said...

Hmmm, this makes me want to blog about spooning to see how much traffic it drives to my blog - only to find out that I'm discussing kitchen flatware.

I've had 3 people find my blog the last few days searching on "was george boleyn gay" - which I find particularly interesting since I've never blogged about George Boleyn (not even sure who he is, to be honest).

Kengo Biddles said...

O-Mo--you make me laugh. The last paragraph's the best.

D-Train said...

So I just noticed that you had posted a couple of comments on my blog. Clearly I am not a big blogger and I am not the best at checking when people read mine. Thanks for the comments, and I will gladly send you my address if you would like to send me homemade cookies to feed my addiction. :P In the meantime, Chunky Chips Ahoy is going to have to suffice.