24 September 2008

Popeye! No!

I've always gotten a kick out of this Far Side.

Some penchants I just don't understand, but they sure make funny comics. ...and movies. Ever seen Kinky Boots? One of the contributions to my life from Andrew just about a year ago now. I remember that by the end, I wasn't even wanting to vomit at the flamboyant drag...and I wasn't sure how to feel about that fact. *wink*

And to my friend who would claim he has pictures of me in drag, it doesn't count if there's no make-up or kinky boots. :-P

Oh crap, there was that Halloween, though...hey, we all do things we regret in our teenage years.


Mr. B said...

Speaking of things you'd find funny - you should blog about the song "Why can't a woman be like a man" from My Fair Lady. I'm just sayin'.

Danial said...

I know this blog is almost ten years old but I have to say, this remains my absolute favorite Larson toon. First runner up is that guy stranded on the desert island confronted by the duck. Duck: "Ah, Professor Smith, we meet again. But this time the advantage is mine!" hahaha Who knows what happened between these two in the past but it makes for great comic fodder.