11 January 2009

Leaving Digits For a Server

The other night, I ate dinner at a popular local chain restaurant I swore I'd never go back to unless I had no say in the matter: Mimi's. I've never had anything there I'd intentionally order again. Having no say, I met a group of friends there. Our server was great. She kept the strawberry lemonade refills replenished just ahead of time, made good suggestions, and was super friendly and helpful. She also happened to be quite attractive, and one of the three guys in our group joked about leaving his phone number for her. I encouraged him. They had, after all, exchanged playful/flirtatious expressions. I voyeuristically wanted to see what might happen. Would she call?

But he wouldn't do it. Chickened out. Something about having a girlfriend already and not knowing what he'd say if she actually called. The two girls joked that all three of us guys should leave our numbers. I thought, "Ha, right. Because I'm all about picking up girls randomly like that." Then I paused and thought, "Um...she's really, really cute and seems like a really nice and cool girl. You're not about to date any boys. What the @#$% do you have to lose?" So I laughed and said maybe I would. As long as it's fun and not machista and creepy. I wrote out my tip and total, and underneath the signature line, I wrote with a slightly nervous hand:

"The playful guy in the yellow and brown shirt's phone number: (###)###-####
The hot single dad's number: (###)###-####
And mine: (###)###-####
I'm gay, but I said I'd give it a shot for you."

I really hope she enjoyed that and shared with her friends. No response yet to any of us, though. Maybe we should've tipped better...


Ezra said...

The best thing about being out of the closet is to say stuff like that to women... it makes them smile.

Matt said...

I'm sure you made her night, and probably the next day or two. :) What fun.

playasinmar said...

Oh, Mohomie. The obvious solution is to write his name and number and leave it for the waitress when no one is looking.

One Thousand Otonos said...

Adorable. If she's mohoney material she'll call. If not, perhaps she just already has a boyfriend? Either way, I agree it surely made her night. I like that you put yourself (AND your friends!) out there; let Seredipity do with you all as she may!