15 September 2009

Different Little Black Book

I have a confession: I have a (mental) little black book that I don't typically talk about. I've had it since I first started meeting mohos and homos and what-have-you. So most people collect phone numbers, and when they want to go out, they'll open up their little black book and call someone from it to see if they want to go out. They may say, "Hey, this is O-Mo. I don't know if you remember meeting, but you came with some friends to a Christmas soiree my roommate and I held... You do remember? Yeah, I'm glad you had a good time. ...it was good to meet you too. ...You thought I was the hottest person there and loved my personality and wanted to jump me? Oh, thanks, that's sweet. I thought you were ridiculously adorable and seemed like a really sweet guy. I'd like to get to know you better. In fact, I'd like to go to the art festival in Salt Lake this week and was wondering if you'd be up for going with me?" ...you know, something along those lines. Except for most people, it's not a literal black book but maybe looking them up on Facebook or some dating site or something.

Well, there's a list I've kept, short though it may be, that I've told a few friends about. It's a mental list of people I would consider dating if I ever decide to "go gay" (an implied crossover, distinct from just "being gay"). It's not especially deliberate, and I couldn't tell you who's on it on demand, but the mental notes are there. I mean, if I decide I wanna start dating guys (no, I have not decided that), I'd like to have a ready pool, even a small one, of people I'd like to throw a line to. Granted, most of them probably wouldn't be too keen on dating a newbie of my age fresh out of conflicted mohodom, but since this is a basically hypothetical list anyway, that doesn't matter.

But come on, how many of you who are single can honestly say you don't have a hypothetical, even subconscious "If I go gay and you go gay" little black book? You can admit it...


EJ said...

You're on my list... wait, did I just make this awkward?! :)

playasinmar said...

How long 'til you try happiness?

Original Mohomie said...

Playa, just as soon as you give me the green light, Sugarlumps.

(See this post for a lengthier response.)

EJ, as if that weren't already obvious. ;-) JK

Anonymous said...

I think I've gone on record here that I like you.

I'm that "Anonymous" guy who tells you that he likes you the more he reads you.

I like you even more today after reading your allusion to FOTC's song "Sugarlumps."

So it's official. I really like you. Please make room in the little black book of your mind for the mysterious anonymous guy who sometimes comments on your blog.

When we meet, I'll show you the picture I took with Flight of the Conchords and you can tell me which is the cutest out of the three.

boskers said...

I don't have a list. I've met about about 5 mohos so far, and although they are wonderful people who I respect a lot, I don't have any romantic interest in them.


Where is this magical land where you grew up listening to Diana Krall, Roy Hargrove, Benny Green, etc? I'm soooo jealous!

Original Mohomie said...

Anonymous, I don't even get a hint? I mean, if you live in Utah, it's likely we've met and just don't know it. If you live in Angola, chances are good we never will meet, so hints are probably not helpful anyway. Glad you made the FotC connection. I grinned a little when I typed it. Such an awful video.

Boskers, I shall reveal such information away from public observation. Seriously, you need to go to this festival. I shall give you more info over e-mail.

Anonymous said...

Hey man,

I do live in Utah. But we've never met as far as I know. I have no idea what your name is or what you look like, so I wouldn't know for sure. I've never been to a "moho" event, so the chances are slim. Unless we've passed on the street or something.

Probably we were friends in the pre-existence.

I know you (in mortality) only from your blog which I stumbled on some time ago. I've been impressed with the quality of your thinking and your writing. And I like your soulfulness and sense of humor.

Though I haven't met you, I have met FoTC which is quite a story unto itself which I'll gladly tell you someday when I show you the picture we all took together. (And it wasn't when they came to Salt Lake, though I was there too.)

I do hope I get to meet you sometime cause I have come to like you via your blog and I imagine you'd be cool in real life too. Though I've met people in real life where afterwards I've thought, "I'd rather read them than know them." For some reason, I think you'd be as good to know as read.

Anonymous said...


By the way, when you say "Sugarlumps" is an "awful" video are you saying that you don't like it, or that it's very earthy (which it is) making it inappropriate, and thus "awful," for someone with a Mormon sensibility or Mormon standards. I love the video even though I fully recognize how "inappropriately earthy" it might be perceived. In that sense it may be "awful." But I still enjoy it.

Original Mohomie said...

Anonymous, it's awful in the off-color, makes me cringe even though I'm laughing way. And it's just not one of their best productions. :-)

I don't usually meet people from the blog world, especially anonymous ones, but if we're both in Utah, I'd guess our paths will cross if they haven't already. Though being an old, non-fresh guy, I'm kind of out of the loop these days. I'm interested in how you stumbled across my blog. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

...and definitely reserve the right to prefer me on paper. I'm kind of a boring guy, when you get right down to it. I don't even dance, right EJ? :-)

Anonymous said...

It makes me feel kind of weird to read your comment:"I don't usually meet people from the blog world, especially anonymous ones." Yikes. Does it really seem like I'm looking to meet up?

But then I go back and read my comments and, sure enough, it does seem like I'm coming across like I want to meet you and all.

So I need to clarify that I'm not pressing for such a thing at all. I'm content to just read your blog from afar and maybe comment every once in a blue moon.

There are just a few "moho" blogs that I monitor. And, of all the moho bloggers I've read, you are the one I identify with the most. So I guess in a burst of unrestrained enthusiasm I bubbled over with "how cool it would be to meet you." But in the cold, hard light of a new day, I know such an idea is silly and probably even unwise.

My favorite phrase is: God is in the details of our lives. Maybe someday I will meet you in a natural and organic way and we'll figure out who each other is and it will be cool and natural and organic. Then again, that may never happen.

For now I'm happy to simply proclaim that I think you're cool and I'm glad to read your thoughts from time to time on your blog.

And now I will go back to my fully anonymous lurking status...perhaps to never raise my hand or voice here again. But at least you will know that I was once here.

And if our "organic meeting" ever happens, and we discover each other's identity, I'll look at you and simply say, "I"m the fellow FoTC fan from your blog."

"Cool," I can hear you saying. And then I'll show you my picture with the guys and start to tell you my amazing FoTC story. It'll be as organic as a Whole Foods market produce section! Until then, I salute you. Carry on.

Original Mohomie said...

Ha, no worries, Anonymous. Feel free to comment. And I don't think it's a silly idea. Lots of people meet up with other bloggers and find great friendships that way (and yes, some get in "trouble" that way, too). I'm just not one of them, with one or two exceptions. :-) I wasn't weirded out or thinking you were pressuring or anything, so no worries.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words, man!