22 July 2010

Frustratingly ambiguous server...

Speaking of adorable and hot, I was eating with some friends at a restaurant in West Yellowstone recently, and one of the hosts behind the counter caught my eye. My first impression was that he was probably cute (I hadn't had a good look) and quite possibly gay. I casually caught a glance as we were led to our table, and he caught me looking back, returning my glance with one I had a hard time interpreting. But it was OK because on closer inspection, I decided he really wasn't "my type", so it was easy to shrug it off and move on.

...Until he came to take our orders. Of course he'd be our server. One of my friends was quickly smitten, but I was more reserved. Until his personality started to come out, and he was so charming, engaging, fun, polite, easy-going...and oh, look at that smile! So cute! And oh, nice arms, too. He's not only adorable but kinda hot! How had I missed that before? ...Oh yeah, because I'm a face guy. OK, so I became a bit smitten, too, but I tried to play it casual. At one point, I decided to just throw something out there and told him he reminded me of Topher Grace, which he said he gets all the time and also gets Tobey Maguire. He had fun with it. My friends accused me of being a flirt. How dare they? I wasn't flirting. I may have been...testing a bit. OK, testing by half-flirting. But I couldn't get a clear reading from him.

From my vantage point, I could see into the kitchen in the back, and he walked by with his hand sort of dangling in a stereotypically gay way. My eyebrow went up, and I noticed him acting a bit flamboyant as he told a coworker a story, and I reported my finding to my friends, who were now wishing they'd sat where I sat. At one point, I glanced into the kitchen to see him dart a glance from inside the kitchen right to us. He totally caught me looking at him, or was it the other way around? Shoot, I couldn't tell. But if you know me, you know how much I enjoy a good puzzle, so this was fun. He seemed unfazed and carried on with the same engaging demeanor as always, stopping to banter with us here and there but never in an overtly flirty way, just really friendly and smiley. But despite the signs, my 'dar was still giving a frustratingly ambiguous reading. Shoot...now I was suspecting he was one of those straight guys who enjoys getting attention from people, even gay guys, and just rolls with it, especially if there's a good tip in it for him. At the risk of seeming like one of those creepy old single guys who flirts with anyone who's friendly, I just shrugged and enjoyed the banter.

When asked how big a dessert portion was (or something like that), he showed us with his hands how big around, and I stifled a smile as I noticed the shape he showed was, for the friend asking, perfectly framing his...eh...belt buckle area. I snagged the opportunity to pretend this was the first time I had noticed his belt (which I liked) and asked him where he got it, and he said he bought it from Express...online...OK, big ol' red flag on that one. But hey, some straight guys shop at Express, though not so much guys in Montana, but he explained he discovered Express in Texas and really liked it. So no jumping to conclusions. But going online to buy clothes from Express...when you live in Montana...hm...

By this time, straight or not, I informed my buddies I had decided I was going to leave him a note about how much fun he was and maybe leave my number "just in case" for kicks and grins. Part of the whole "vacation" experience, right? I've only left my number for a server one time, so I'm no seasoned veteran, but I figured I'd risk the awkwardness for a funny memory. Much to my dismay, he brought us the bill and informed us we could take it to the register to pay. I had no pen, no paper to leave a note on, and I couldn't exactly give the note to the cashier. I thought about asking the cashier to pass a note on, but what if I'd be putting him in an uncomfortable position? No, I was thwarted, and we didn't even get his name. Gosh, I'm such an amateur.

I may have to stop in for dessert there the next time I'm in West Yellowstone, a sucker for their secret weapon, which sure as heck ain't the fine cuisine!

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AKLDS said...

Similar experience on my vacation, was in a sporting gear store buying a climbing harness and the good looking store clerk kept sending slight signals that he might be gay. My gaydar must have not been working because I wasn't picking any of them up, my friend who was with me as we were leaving tried to convince me that I should go back and leave my # and that he was definitely gay. I never did go back in but now I know where to shop for my future outdoor gear purchases.