27 January 2011

Match Schmatch

Ha ha, officially--and now quantifiably--hopeless. These matching percentage breakdowns of me and a few attractive gay male users on OKCupid (none of which live in Utah) with whom I have an overall match of 96% or up are examples of why I honestly question whether I'll ever really find a match where there's enough mutual attraction and the whole God thing won't be a deal-killer, and why I'm focusing on being happy and content as a single man. *big gay sigh*

You match...
  • 76% on Ethics questions
  • 91% on Sex questions
  • 48% on Religion questions
  • 84% on Lifestyle questions
  • 88% on Dating questions
  • 91% on Other questions

You match...
  • 87% on Ethics questions
  • 91% on Sex questions
  • 27% on Religion questions
  • 91% on Lifestyle questions
  • 78% on Dating questions
  • 87% on Other questions

You match...
  • 69% on Ethics questions
  • 87% on Sex questions
  • 9% on Religion questions
  • 95% on Lifestyle questions
  • 80% on Dating questions
  • 87% on Other questions


Scott N said...

"...why I'm focusing on being happy and content as a single man."

This presupposes that disagreement (or lack of agreement, which isn't necessarily the same thing) on religious matters necessarily precludes a happy relationship.

Maybe it does... But that would depend on how important religion (and agreement about religion) is to you and the potential partner.

I certainly have my own views about religion and spirituality that may or may not be compatible with another person's views--but I also don't care a whole lot about another person's views on spirituality, as long as they're willing to be similarly apathetic about mine.

J G-W said...

To be honest, if my honey pie and I took compatibility tests, I wouldn't be surprised at terrible results...

Plus, the problem with that stuff is that you don't stop growing and changing after you enter a relationship.

For example, my sweet heart married an ex-Mormon flirting with atheism and definitely not particularly sweet on the LDS Church. Now he's had to deal with me scratching the "ex" in front of the Mormon (at least emotionally and socially) who's attending Church regularly, reading the Book of Mormon and has given up coffee, tea and alcohol. And he hasn't been happy about it.

But our relationship and our love continues to grow; it acquires depth and beauty every time we have to struggle with some new "incompatibility."

So compatibility schmompatibility.