30 August 2007

Larry Craig 'Is Not Gay'

At the gym the other night, I watched a TV news story about the recent arrest of Senator Larry Craig of Idaho for allegedly tapping his foot, among other things, in a men's bathroom stall. The fiery girl conducting the interview was marveling at why Craig would find it important or beneficial to proclaim, as part of his press conference address, "I am not gay. I never have been gay." She almost seemed to wonder who really cared because it's the behavior--the law--his constituents are upset about, not the possibility that he thinks men are sexy or ever has, right? Right?

Apparently, she hasn't spent much time in the rural United States. Here's a research project for our cunning reporter: spend a week in Idaho, especially outside of the thriving metropolis of Boise, and tell me if you're still confused, dear.

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Abelard Enigma said...

I have to admit, the first time I heard that soundbite, I thought to myself "what's wrong with being gay?" He said it like simply 'being gay' was a terrible thing. But, then again, I'm gay; so, I guess I probably have a different perspective.

I don't excuse soliciting sex in airport bathrooms; but, I have to say that I am bothered by the arresting officer being so quick to pass judgment. From what I've read, there was only toe tapping, hand motions, and peeking through the crack of the stall. Creepy? Yes. Illegal? I'm not sure. I've glanced through cracks in bathroom stalls to determine if they were occupied or not. I tend to be frigidity and probably tap my feet subconsciously when sitting in bathroom stalls. (I can't say I've ever run my fingers along the bottom of the divider between stalls - that's kind of weird) It's scary to think I could be arrested for suspicion of lewd behavior.