10 June 2008

The Joys of StatCounter

Thanks to StatCounter (and sometimes Google Analytics), I'm able to entertain my curiosity regarding who visits my blog and where they are located or from whence they arrive at it. Here are a few tidbits of information regarding my readership:

- I seem to have a new reader in...Italy? Go fig. Probably a BYU student on an internship or something, though, which is not nearly as exciting as an ACTUAL Italian. I wonder...

- Somebody in California read through MANY of my posts over the course of an hour and a half or so. I'm curious: what drew them here? Why did they read so much? Were they fascinated? Appalled? Researching? Bored? What is their interest? Are they newly exploring these issues? Seasoned veteran? I may never know.

- I still get visitors who Google "blue shirt green tie" on occasion, maybe every week or two. Some Googled "can I wear a green tie with a blue shirt?" Now they know, they can indeed.

- My top 5 referrers appear to be:
1. Northern Lights
2. Ardent Mormon (-L-)
3. Attempting the Path
4. Matticakes
5. Gay BYU Student

- My most common Google traffic, by far, is searches from people apparently trying to grasp the mystic power of spooning. I never knew there were so many people out there who want to know "what does it mean if I like to be the big spoon" or "what does it mean if a boy like being the little spoon". I hope I've had something to offer in their search for understanding. *smile*


The Impossible K said...

Ok, I know, Italy is a big country, but I can't help wondering if my blog had the same Italian "visitor"... I have my own suspicions just who that may be... :)
Also, if I may make a request- just what DOES it mean if a guy likes to be a little spoon, or a girl likes to be a big spoon? I'd really like to know... and if you don't want to post a follow-up for that, I'll do it myself ::smirk::

Samantha said...

Just so you know--it's possible to mask your ip address. I used to be in Guatemala for awhile, then in New Mexico, and for a few months I was in Korea. So you never know, your visitor from Italy might actually live in Norwalk, Connecticut.