08 June 2009

Homosexuality Eats Shirtless, Foolish Men

I just read one blogger's recounting of Dr. Jeffrey Robinson's story of the dragon. This is a fairly well-known and not-nearly-vague parable of sorts. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any official version of the parable online. I could swear I came across one a couple of years ago; if anyone knows of one, feel free to let me know.

Admitting I have some bias against Dr. Robinson's perspective as I understand it, and at the risk of sounding like a boob who doesn't understand the intricate nuance of the parable, I'm going to say it: I find this illustrative dragon story to be...let's say...flimsy in its application. I think (I hope) some of it is meant to be amusing and a bit whimsical, so my finding it mildly absurd is probably deliberate. I particularly enjoy the bit about the dragon eating a shirtless man. That was hot. Yes, I'm kidding: I have no fixation or fetish around reptilian carnage. But I think the story certainly has some validity. It can help people keep important ideas in mind as they work towards a fulfilling life and learn to interact healthily with cultural constructs and with individuals by employing contextual cognizance about a facet of their lives (sorry, using annoying words haphazardly just seemed the most succinct way to communicate what I wanted to say, which succinctness has now been negated with this note...so moving on). I sincerely mean that. I can't completely discount its value, even if part of me is inclined to poo-poo it.

But as I read this particular retelling of it, I couldn't help but apply it to what I think are equally appropriate, alternate and ironically apostate interpretations of the story. I played "what if" and read it as if "the dragon" were something else entirely: the institutional church. Oh, the apostasy of it all, I know, I know. But I would guess that from the perspective of an ex-mormon (or postmormon, as many prefer to call themselves, such carrying a more "progressive" connotation), it works pretty well. I accordingly borrowed a turn of phrase for my own nefarious devil's advocacy: "People leave homosexuality, but they can't leave it alone." It kind of makes me smile.

Of course, I have my own ideas about much (not all) of "gay culture," as it exists now, being insidiously malignant. I've seen many guys focus singularly on their sexuality, adopting circles of friends or lines of thinking which lead to unhealthy attachments, short-sighted decision-making, and failure-bound relationships, so part of me hopes people will take the parable to heart, to some degree, even if I don't entirely agree with how it's presented, how it's being used, or whether it applies exclusively or necessarily to homoness. Through a clenched jaw, I'll reluctantly say I agree to some extent with Dr. Robinson's dragon analogy. But it ain't gospel. There, I feel better ending with a slight slight.

Whatever your take, I just have to say, "Eat your heart out, dragon-beasty!"

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Anonymous said...

I heard the dragon parable at a conference a few years back. It actually resonated with me very strongly and I felt that, at least personally, there was a lot of wisdom in it.