18 June 2009

Just When You Thought Blackface Was Out of Style

Some of you may have heard that the Oquirrh Mountain temple in South Jordan, Utah, which is currently open for public viewing, was struck by lightning, blackening the face and arm of the Moroni statue atop the spire. Some bloggers and commenters have proclaimed this to be a warning to the church as it fights equality and civil rights, an ironic reminder of days past when the church was behind the curve. But I heard the temple was defiled the night before by a gay couple who kissed in it while touring the open house, and this was surely a warning that the Lord frowns upon efforts to make same-sex marriage legal. ...OK, I made that up, but theories abound, don't they? I've compiled some of my favorite comments from visitors to a couple of news articles about this (fairly common) event.

Comments from people on Deseret News:
- Angel Moroni protected the temple.
- It's a reminder to be in the temple to find shelter from the storms of the world.
- Random act of nature, and temples get struck all the time
- It's a sign we should all be sacrificing vanity for the sake of the good work
- This wasn't an act of God, it was an act of Mother Nature, whom God has to obey just like we are commanded to obey our parents
- It's a repeat of when the architect of the St. George temple designed the steeple to his, not Brother Brigham's, designs, and the steeple burned up. [implication: someone surely has disobeyed God's prophet, or the discoloration would not have occurred]
- The church should give the good angel a 2 iron. Like they say, even god can't hit a 2 iron.
- God divided the seas didn't he? and now he has decided to put out a warning to his rebellious children who are swollen with pride.
- Spare the rod and spoil the Moroni
- Maybe Jesus thinks it's time for a "Christian" church to acknowledge Him over Moroni.
- As a member of the Church living in England can I say thank you for the best laugh I have had in a while. You ALL take things way too serious (I think that's how you'd put it in the good old US of A). Love to you ALL x x

Comments from the Tribune:
- God is angry about this temple. This is a warning.
- God prefers a Black man to blow a trumpet. He made the change.
- The "highest person" in the Church is a Black man. At least for now.
- The angel will be now be referred to as "The Angel Louie"
- Mormons in the area around the Temple reported a beautiful sound coming from the statue. "It had good rhythm and you could dance to it."
- That's just how Jesus high-fives his homeboy Moroni.
- Is it just me or does that statue look like a majorette in a gay pride parade?

...oh, that was fun.


Alan said...

I agree with the guy in England. Sometimes I wonder why Mormons in Utah County at least aren't dropping dead in the streets from high blood pressure, given all the unnecessary stress they put on themselves. Sheesh.

blj1224 said...

I don't get it. Why do both "sides" have to read soooo much into everything having to do with the Church? Evidently, people see "sign's" in everything and interpret them according to their own beliefs. Sad.

Matt said...

"Spare the rod and spoil the Moroni"—love it.

Amber said...

Based on this alone, I think I would choose to be a Tribune reader. :)

Original Mohomie said...

Amber--I had the same thought, definitely. :-)

Bravone said...

- Spare the rod and spoil the Moroni and the Tribunes are a hoot! Thanks for making an otherwise stressful day a bit more tolerable by humor.