06 December 2010

Atheist Christmas Carol

If I recall correctly from when I first heard her perform this years ago, she said she named it this for lack of a better name, because it was a song about the Christmas season but having nothing to do with the religious aspect.  Ha, it's a beautiful song, whatever the name origin.  Gosh, I wanna sit down with her sometime.


A Gay Mormon Boy said...

Vienna Tang is great. That is all.

The Impossible K said...

Love it love it love it... Oh, and speaking of atheist christmas songs, I just randomly found this cool lil song playing on TV just a bit ago. It's starring Steve Martin of all people (totally surprised me how well he plays banjo!)

Atheists Don't Have No Songs - Steep Canyon Rangers ft Steve Martin

JonJon said...

I love it.

J G-W said...

Fantastic song... Amazing. Maybe not about baby Jesus, but deeply spiritual.