09 December 2010

Hard to get

Some of you have requested to add Original Mohomie as a friend on Facebook.  I'll share with you my textual conversation with someone who shall go unnamed regarding O-Mo's presence on Facebook:
someone who shall go unnamed: Facebook just recommended original mohomie as a friend. Is that your way of outing everyone?

O-Mo: Lol, I created the account as a test for something, and I've gotten a few requests. I love that I now can look at o-mo's recommended friends for a quick and easy list of "family". I get a chuckle from it every time.

someone who shall go unnamed: I just requested his friendship. We'll see what happens.

O-Mo: Ha, I might just cave and add people, but I don't know...what for... :-)

someone who shall go unnamed: Oh so you haven't accepted any requests yet? What were you wanting to test?

O-Mo: I was going to create a page for the blog, to see if posts could be shared on Facebook...and show new posts on feeds, but then I realized people might have to be fans do [sic--should be "for"] it to work, which--let's be honest--would be a really limited audience. I abandoned it but kept the account just in case. Meh.

someone who shall go unnamed: And now you have a bunch of homos thinking o-mo is playing hard to get.

***Rest of conversation censored***
So there you have it, folks. I'm not sure what I intend to do with the profile, but for now, I haven't added anyone as friends. I'm not sure why I would, to be honest, except as a way to make my blog more accessible to more people who might say, "Who is this 'Original Mohomie' my friend is friends with? Oh, he has a blog. Let me click and see what the blog is about. Oh, my..."



JonJon said...

I'm glad you censored the rest of that textual conversation. We don't need to be subjected to your raunchy sexting conversations.

Original Mohomie said...

Don't tempt me, JonJon...