29 April 2007

The Moho Craze Around the World

Well, we're coming up on the official 1-year anniversary of the term 'moho', and I'm happy to report that the moho world is more alive and thriving than I ever imagined. See the following links for moho-related information from around the web:

Moho data -- This page mentions Moho conversion. Apparently, change is, in fact, possible.

Moho Depth -- Think you're less shallow than the average gay? Someone found a way to measure.

Moho What? -- A story about a "Sheepeater boy"? Is that how they refer to us?

MoHo Records -- Did you know we had a label?

Moho, He Visto La Cruz al Reves -- We even have an album

Moho Tropical Birds -- apparently, this issue is not exclusive to humans

MoHo UK -- apparently, mohos in the UK got together to build a housing development. Unfortunately, shortly after this web site was made, the development's first tenants all died of sexual frustration.

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Kengo Biddles said...

Thanks for the laugh!