01 June 2007

Kids' Movie Made Me Want to Be Hetero

I went to see Bridge to Terabithia with my roomie. Yes, two twenty-something guys going to see a kids movie together. It wasn't a first for us, actually.

The movie reminded me of the value of simply being kind. It made me long for the simple happiness of childhood and the magic of imagination. But of all the feelings and thoughts I took from the movie, the one they probably hadn't banked on was, "Wow...I actually want to be straight for the first time in a long time." That girl was so great and just the kind of girl I could picture myself falling for.

Other contributing factors might include seeing some of the most adorable, pot-bellied little kids over the weekend on vacation at the pool. Little kids with round, adorable little eyes saying and doing adorable little things. Made me want to have kids more than I have for quite a while. The little sister in the movie was adorable, too.

So it's been a week of motivators towards straightness. Go fig. It made me want to find a girl who brought out the warmth and spontaneity I keep so carefully in check within myself, and one with whom I could have a deep relationship born of joy and pain and with whom I could have cute little kidlets. Maybe it'll happen. I'm not opposed to the idea.

Ah heck, I've gotta stop going to kids movies when I'm tired. They're just too deep.

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-L- said...

I can't tell you how many times over the last weeks and months I've been gazing over my kids and thought, if I could export any part of this experience and put it on the blog, it would make a more powerful statement than anything I could write. I can't tell you how great it is to be a dad. I mean, people say that all the time, but part of me believes nobody can possibly have experienced it quite like I have... as if the universe stands still and all is well. This stuff is great.