06 September 2007

Fatherly Tenderness

More thoughts I jotted down while in the Brazilian Beauty's ward:

It's interesting where my thoughts have been flying. For example, as I saw the bishop's councilor gently interact with his little daughter who ventured up to join him on the stand, I thought of the joy of being a father, and the tenderness which many fathers show, the tenderness I think I would enjoy with a little one. I remembered when a father of a kid from another ward in my stake gently ran his fingers across my back, in that churchy way people sometimes do, during a devotional on a youth temple trip and how significant that seemed at the time that a fatherly figure would do that. It occurred to me back then how rare male touch was and how soothing it felt.

It's kind of an incomplete thought, but it was interesting to me. My desire to be or appreciation for that kind of a father and my appreciation for the dissolution of traditionally extreme gender roles was deep, and I was full of gratitude for a society which is more amenable than it used to be to men expressing emotion and tenderness and not balking at their perceived weakness because of it.

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