11 September 2007

Orientational Ping Pong

So I've been kind of all over the place lately. For example, last night at the gym (hey, it's one of the few places around here I people-watch, so I bring it up), I noticed more than one attractive girl. Weird. Normally, I mainly or exclusively notice the guys, or even if I notice the girls, I'm uninterested. But lately, I've been kind of interested, here and there and off and on. Go fig.

Recently, there was Office Store Boy, then there was Swimmer Boy, but then in comes Brazilian Beauty to steal the show. Crazy. Then, last night, at the gym, I was walking out of the lockerroom towards the co-ed sauna/hot tub area, and the guy right in front of me had just low-riding trunks on and a fairly nice physique. I thought briefly about the appeal of embracing him from behind but shrugged it off and went to sweat in peace in the sauna. Not long after I sat down in said box of heat torture, this girl walks up and into the hot tub in a yellow bikini, and I seriously could not take my eyes off of her. Now, I didn't feel the same charge I usually feel seeing a really hot guy, but I actually shifted in my seat to see her as long as possible, to just enjoy her beauty.

But wait...I don't like boobs and hips...what's happening to me? I wasn't "turned on" like a straight guy probably would have been, but I was, in fact, intrigued. OK, so I've gone from disinterested to intrigued. How curious. How queer. OK, queer's not quite the right word here.

Don't get me wrong. I don't think I'm jumping on some look-at-me-I'm-straight-now bandwagon. I still enjoy me some attractive male eye-candy. But in the last couple of weeks, I can actually think of at least 4 girls who have actually captured my attention even in rooms full of attractive guys.

In the gym yesterday, looking around, I was bouncing all over the place, thinking this or that girl was the most attractive person in the room, then this or that guy. No, maybe it's that girl. No, this guy. Orientational ping pong.

So maybe I'm in a transitional phase to hetero-ness. Or...perhaps I'm just that horny. I suppose time will tell.

Incidentally, a crusty old man peeked at me through the shower stall crack and then again while I stood spinning my swim suit dry. I don't particularly enjoy being gawked at naked. Probably partially because I'm not sure I trust the taste of someone who would find this frame worth getting caught gawking, but in any case, I recommend getting peeped at by dirty old men as a remarkably effective form of temporary reorientation therapy. *shudder*


Abelard Enigma said...

So maybe I'm in a transitional phase to hetero-ness. Or...perhaps I'm just that horny.

Or, perhaps, you are a 3 or 4 on the Kinsey scale.

Kengo Biddles said...

As to Orientation, you could be like me and be a 3ish 4? I know I notice both genders.

Or you could be horny.

And creepy old man peeping gets a double shudder from me.

Boo said...

That is great! Chalk one (or a few, as the case may seem) for the girls!

Original Mohomie said...

Someone left a comment I want to post but in which I've taken the liberty to edit one part and will gladly remove entirely at the commentor's request (and if the commentor wishes to claim the comment, that's fine, but I figured since I'm editing it, I'd let the commentor make that decision--I've never NOT approved a comment before, so pardon the lengthy explanation and censorship):

Yeah, so did [you get sexually aroused] when you looked at the girl? Did you feel yourself trying to keep from staring too long at her? Hey, and old guys need love too. The object is merely that. The object. It has no duties but to be. So, why worry about it. Girls might think it's creepy that you're looking at them, especially as a gay guy. Perhaps they can imagine the immense struggle that would be and would shudder at it. I'm just saying, play fair.

Original Mohomie said...

In response to the last comment:

a) Yes, I did have to keep myself from gawking at the girl in the gym. I did shift to see her again briefly as she walked out of view because she was a knockout, but I didn't move over to continue to see her after she moved even further. Perhaps I should have clarified that. And if you're talking about the girl in the church meeting, I also didn't want to stare, but I was truly captivated. And this was not a lusty stare but one of admiration I think most people would find harmless.

b) Old men need love, yes, but you have to be very emotionally sick to equate persistent peeping with love. I really hope you're just trying to be funny with that comment.

c) I didn't say anything about all old men being creepy. I said THIS old man was creepy. And he was. I've been stared at by creepy young men and women too.

d) I'm bored with this discussion. Moving on...