09 May 2008

I'd Be a Good Partner...I Think

Sometimes, when I've had a glimpse at what it might be like to have a romantic relationship, I feel a bit silly that I'm...well...my age and have never had a "real" relationship. I'd probably be a dang fine companion in a lot of ways:

  • I'm a one-person guy. I really don't think I can imagine myself looking seriously elsewhere while I have someone at my side. I can't really imagine myself as codependent, but I am, in a word, "loyal"...as far as I can tell.
  • I'm interested in the other person and in what makes them tick and what they are interested in and enjoy, and I try to explore those things while sharing my own interests.
  • I appreciate communication. I'm not the world's best communicator, perhaps, but I'm open to trying and won't run away from an uncomfortable or important discussion. I prefer to talk things through when possible rather than ignore them, yet I still can let go of most little things. If you just talk to me openly rather than clam up or try to sweep it under the rug, I'll pretty much take you at your word.
  • I appreciate complementary (read "opposite in a good way") traits in others and enjoy learning and growing as a result of those. Certain differences, then, become opportunities to share and grow from each other, not just annoyances.
  • I enjoy doing things with the people I care about. Cooking, hiking, talking, laughing, road-tripping, gardening, biking, movie-watching, doing things neither of us has done before...I'm not a "watch the game and drink beer" guy. How boring is that?
  • I'm patient. I can wait things out without being a doormat. I like to hope for the best in people. Sure, if I lose faith in you, it's hard to get it back, but I generally try my best not to totally lose faith in people. I may be realistic, but I usually try to hold on, even if casually, to that last shred of hope.
  • I am surprisingly affectionate, I think, in the right circumstances/relationship. I'm normally a bit of a cold fish, but I have another side, a warmer, more affectionate one.

Well, I could go on forever touting my own virtues, as there are many. Of course, there are many traits that would probably make it hard to be my partner. At least two or three of them, anyway.

But seriously, how can I know what I'm really like in a "real" relationship? I've never had a real relationship to bring these strengths and weaknesses out for any length of time to test their durability. I may never. And I'm not sure how I feel about that. But I'll take it day by day and try to stay open to the possibility that one way or another, I might actually have such a relationship someday. Until then, I guess my friends and family will have to do. *wink*


A Girl You Know said...

Hehehehe... that looks surprisingly like the list I made in Sophomore health class when we were supposed to list traits of the person we'd like to marry, except mine also included that he enjoy dancing and puddle hopping.

The boy next to me laughed out loud at my list and said, "You'll never find a guy like that... unless he's gay."

Lucky for me, I DID find a guy who fit my list. EVEN the puddle hopping and dancing, and he's most certainly straight. :)

A CROW'S VIEW said...

This blog is about you, you, you LOL!

Cyd said...

I'm constructing my "definitely-not-high-school" list, and there are several things here I think I'll have to add. I love it when other people do the work for me!