01 May 2008

Yay For Gymnasts

So I came home after work and turned on the TV, and it was set to G4, the channel that has those Japanese shows where they have people doing all kinds of obstacle courses. Those can be entertaining and are tolerable when the announcers aren't being raunchy like junior high boys, so I watched for a bit.

Tonight, they had a "Hand Walk" obstacle course on the show "Unbeatable Banzuke" where the contestants were all gymnasts who had to go through the obstacle course entirely standing/walking on their hands. It was really quite impressive, the balance and endurance required to get through inclines, declines, wobbling platforms, and water. Only one contestant made it through all the way. To see a clip, go to Duty Free TV and click "Unbeatable Banzuke", then click the channel knob once.

I was enjoying watching it mostly because I've always loved gymnastics and envy the ability to do stuff like that, and it was pretty amusing. But I won't deny that part of my enjoyment of said show was seeing ripped young guys in singlets flexing their muscles under the exertion and doing strangely attractive--albeit awkward and sometimes absurdly comical--things with their bodies. Dang, gymnasts are hot! Maybe it's a good thing there are so many FTPs* among them--helps keep my lust under control.

I was watching one of the straightest channels on TV but still finding a way to make it anything but straight. I laughed at myself.

*OK, fine, for those of you who don't know, I'll tell you: FTP = Face To Protect, as in "he has a million-dollar body and a face to protect it". But don't expect me to reveal the meanings of my other acronyms. They must be kept discreet to maintain their usability in public situations. *grin*

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