21 February 2010

Fun With Polls

Some of you have noticed a new poll to the right about how well I know my blog visitors. I have a decent idea of who visits: a few friends, quite a few people I don't know well or at all. But I got curious, so I'd enjoy seeing responses.

As for my previous poll regarding where people are at with the church, the results of the 53 votes (with my estimates of Facebook friends in parentheses) are as follows:
Non-LDS: 1% (2%)
Ex-LDS: 15% (7%)
Inactive: 24% (22%)
Active in their own way: 26% (17%)
Active but dating: 7% (8%)
Strictly active: 24% (33%)

I was surprised how similar the blog poll results were to my Facebook numbers, though there were more "active in their own way" folks and strictly actives visiting my blog than I expected.

There was only one eyebrow-raiser: during the space of 4-5 days towards the end there, the only category receiving votes was the "strictly active" category, at about 1 vote per day. It made me wonder if we had an internet vigilante who believed the righteous needed a louder voice. But I found no really clear evidence of it in my visitor stats, so it may have been legit.

...have I mentioned I actually enjoyed Statistics in college?


Matt said...

Wow, you really do like misleading titles.

Original Mohomie said...

Ha, guilty as charged.

I wonder if anyone will admit to stalking. Heck, I know all sorts of names and faces I've never met. I guess seeing the same faces and names pop up on photos and walls of my over-100 moho Facebook friends does facilitate that.

I am glad to see someone checked the "seen each other nekkid" option. That's fun.

Original Mohomie said...

Heh, someone's a liar...