22 February 2010

My "Big Five"

After reading Chedner's post, I decided to go back to the MyType app on Facebook and take the "Big Five" Personality test, which categorizes you into one of five main personality profiles.

You are: The Friend

Kind, sympathetic, cooperative and forgiving. Friend types are very concerned about the welfare of those around them and are generally kind and friendly to everyone. They are very sympathetic and tend to be emotional. They are generally cooperative and accommodating, but don't usually like to take the lead in social groups.

I don't internalize people's struggles (you know the type: the girl in the singles ward who knows everybody's business because it gives her life meaning), but I care about them. Emotional? I've never claimed to be unemotional, but I've been told by many that I am kind of objective and detached. Maybe that's why people are so caught off-guard when I do get all broken and messy...go fig. Cooperative? I guess so. I mean, that's probably not how I earned the name "Beast" as a child, and I usually preferred to work on my own rather than with a group, but my family worked very hard on getting me to be more of a team player, probably so I'd be less of a social reject. ...well, at least I'm more of a team player.

Your Personality Traits

You scored in the 34th percentile on Extraversion, which is average. You enjoy social situations, but you also see the fun in a quiet night at home. You can be assertive when the situation requires. You don't need to be the center of attention or to lead and organize events, but don't mind taking over if it's needed. You like to balance your periods of activity and downtime to avoid getting burned out.

Pretty much right on, yeah. I still need a lot of alone time, but I'm probably the most "extroverted" now that I've ever been. Yep, I used to be the kid hiding behind mommy's leg and feeling super withdrawn in most social situations.

You scored in the 93rd percentile on Agreeableness, which is high. You are always concerned with the feelings of others and tend to put their needs above your own. You are trusting and cooperative, you try to avoid confrontations if possible. You are quick to feel sympathy for others and try to help where you can.

Yeah, pretty true...except I'm not that trusting, probably. ...well, maybe I've had gullible tendencies in certain ways because I expected everyone to be as straightforward as I tried to be, but...I'm slow to warm up. I do feel sympathy, but I don't think I'm a bleeding heart. Pshaw.

You scored in the 25th percentile on Conscientiousness, which is low. You don't like to worry or take things too seriously. You tend to be impulsive and dislike planning things in advance. You're not too concerned with punctuality and organization. You tend to be laid back and like to just go with the flow.

Impulsive? I've been called that, but generally only by people who schedule nose-picking. Other than that, it's mostly true, though there are certain aspects of life in which I'm organized, like keeping my photo files on my computer more neatly arrayed than a Relief Society centerpiece.

Emotional Stability
You scored in the 92nd percentile on Emotional Stability, which is high. You are above it all and are rarely affected by stressful situations. When everything goes haywire you're the one calmly assessing the situation. You are generally relaxed and calm and can handle anything that comes your way. You tend not to worry about what others think of you, and it takes a lot to get you upset or sad.

High emotional stability? Tell that to my former flings, baby. Depending on who's trying to get me upset or sad, yeah, it's usually true. I don't know if "above it all" is accurate, but I do tend to focus in crazy situations and have been told I "work well under pressure". *thinking "under the sheets" but not typing it*

Openness to Experience
You scored in the 74th percentile on Openness to Experience, which is high. You place a high value on creativity and inventiveness. You appreciate beauty and tend to get really involved in artistic experiences. You are adventurous and are always looking to try new things. You value intelligence in others and enjoy having intellectual debates and having your views challenged. You are always ready to challenge authority, convention, and traditional values.

Yeah, I'm pretty much crazy-go-nuts. OK, so I'm no skydiving or "extreme" sports junkie, and I certainly don't anticipate getting into whips and swings and stuff, but I'm...intellectually adventurous, and I love to travel to new places and try new foods, etc. OK, that just sounds lame in comparison. Involved in artistic experiences? Maybe I do, but not, like, all weird and froofy about it. As if. But yeah, if you can't carry on an intelligent conversation (not deeply philosophical but at least meaningful and thoughtful), I'm probably gonna get bored with you. Nothing personal, I'll just think you're a vapid waste of a brain. ...oh, see, being "The Friend", I just can't end on that note. Let's see...um...even if I'm bored with you, I can still like you a lot and value your strengths...but making out is not a suitable substitute for conversation...but that doesn't mean I won't give it a fair chance... I'm totally kidding. ...making out is a perfectly good substitute. OK, kidding again. I have lots of unintelligent friends. Shoot, this just isn't going well. Hey look! A hot Abercrombie model!

*rapidly diminishing pitter patter of feet*


Jon said...

The least you could have done was actually posted a picture of an Abercrombie model...

Original Mohomie said...

Jon, I came this close...

blj1224 said...

More feeling than is often apparent, and that's OK.

Amber said...

Hm. I couldn't find the quiz on FB. Yup, as a Yellow ENFP etc. etc. I kinda like taking personality inventories.

jimf said...

The "Five Factor" personality metric has scales that are
supposed to be associated with "negative emotionality"
(or "negative affectivity": neuroticism, introversion,
timidity, shyness) and "positive emotionality"
(or "positive affectivity": extraversion, boldness, leadership,
willingness to take risks and try new things). These are
orthogonal scales (though I believe they're supposed to
be at least weakly negatively correlated) --
high(+) - low(-) is the "self-actualizing" personality --
you know, the ideal Objectivist ;-> ; whereas
low(+)-high(-) is the quintessential whiner
and loser -- gas-chamber fodder, according
to some folks.

Thing is, push it just a little too far: high(+)-nonexistent(-)
(high risk-taking, full of gusto, **and** utterly remorseless,
guilt-and-shame-free, nerves of steel "Truman Goff could
ignore pain the way some people ignore Christmas."
and you've got the profile of a psychopath. ;->

However, psychologist Raymond B. Cattell doesn't think
very highly of the folks who score high on the Neuroticism scale.
He thinks they're bad for society as a whole (like I said,
gas-chamber fodder):

"[W]hereas most psychologists have been concerned
with what group cultures do to neurotics, the evidence is....
that neurotics produce reductions in the syntality[*] morale
of groups to which they belong."

-- R. B. Cattell, 1994, How Good Is Your Country?
Washington, DC : Institute for the Study of Man.

[*] "Cattell. . . uses the term 'syntality' to mean the
quality of a group analogous to the personality of an individual.

Cattell & Stice (1960) were able to show that there
are substantial causal effects of population characters
upon group performance. For example, neurotic traits
in the population significantly reduced one of the two
main morale dimensions of groups. Prior to this psychologists,
with clinical restriction, had theorized more about
what the culture does to the neurotic than what the neurotic
does to the culture!"

About which a friend of mine commented: "Cultures with
excessively high syntality morale are beastly. They
should be permitted just enough to keep them alive,
so that we can live off their decay products.
[Bertrand] Russell says this somewhere."