16 November 2010

Carol Lynn Pearson's Mormon Stories Interview

I've been watching this over the last few days and really enjoying it. Carol Lynn Pearson definitely is one of the most prominent voices on the subject of homosexuality and the church between her books and her play and other efforts. In this several-part, several-hours-long interview on Mormon Stories with John Dehlin, she discusses her 'mixed-orientation marriage' with her gay husband and other personal views and experiences related to homosexuality and the church. She doesn't toe the church policy line on the subject, and she definitely has been more embraced by organizations like Sunstone than by organizations like Evergreen (I'm pretty sure many or most Evergreeners consider her to be subversive), but she definitely has her finger on the pulse of the issue. Her voice is more that of practical observation, personal experience, and philosophy than of a scientific researcher or future General Relief Society President, which I think many find refreshing. I guess I won't say much more than to recommend watching it for those who are interested in such perspectives.


MoHoHawaii said...

If you like this interview you also will want to check out the Mormon Stories interview with William Bradshaw, a retired BYU professor with a gay son. Bradshaw, like Pearson, is a committed, active LDS person who gets it.

blj1224 said...

I hope you'll post the other parts of the interview with her.

Original Mohomie said...

blj1224, it should give you the option to load the next when you get to the end of the first. Or just follow the link to the page on the Mormon Stories web site to see all parts listed.

MHH, thanks for the recommendations.