28 November 2010

Learning from transcribing

I've resumed transcribing my mission journal, now that I'm done with my post-mission journal. I suppose there's plenty left after that: letters, tapes, etc. I'll probably have to draw the line somewhere. In order to get it all done, I'd probably have to get rich and hire someone or wait for scanning-to-transcription or audio analysis transcribing software to improve, or be written, or become cheap, or...something. But for now, it's really interesting to learn and remember from the process of doing it myself and remember my old thoughts, to recall my interpretations and feelings and see how they fit into a different or broader perspective now or to know what was going on in the back of my mind but which I dared not write down at the time.

If I posted some of the stuff I've written, I'm sure some people would scoff at my current agnosticism or re-evaluation of my past "testimony," or some might marvel at how I could possibly have "lost faith" or "forgotten" some things, but it fits, even though it might take a while to describe exactly how. And then, who knows, maybe I'll eventually reach some synthesis of old and new or reform my views again. So it goes. In any case, I'm enjoying the journey.

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