01 November 2010

Insecurities tapped by primetime soap opera

Stupid Brothers and Sisters. Yeah, I watch it and really like it. Again, mock away. I know it's totally a primetime soap opera, though far better acted and filmed than what you think of as "soaps". I mean, Sally Field, Calista Flockhart, Rob Lowe, come on! And I love the characters and the way they portray their emotional journeys and interconnections...OK, I'm thinking it just sounds daft when I try to explain that the show has depth. Let's just say I like it and leave it at that.

Spoiler alert: In this week's episode, Kevin and Scotty, who are the token gay couple in the family and the most stable relationship so far (despite challenges), are dealing with the aftermath of Scotty informing Kevin of his infidelity one night in the past. This news rocks the family because they have, as Nora (the Walker family matriarch) put it, one of the best marriages she's ever seen. In the final segment of the show, Saul, the uncle who didn't even "come out" to himself until he was in his sixties and has been especially hostile towards Scotty, whom the family adores, is talking with Scotty to apologize for his coldness and to explain his emotional reaction.

I guess I have some pain and questions left to resolve, myself, because this conversation got the waterworks going, dammit. Stupid soap opera show got me going... *grumbly smirk*

Saul: "...to me, even with all of this...stuff, you two are about as close to perfect as anything I've ever seen. And I guess, because I was raised at a time when a real relationship between two men, much less marriage, seemed impossible, you and Kevin were living my dream. And when I found out what happened, I just...suddenly everything seemed less possible."

Scotty: "Saul, everything is still possible. Don't let what I did make you give up hope."

Saul: "I won't if you won't."

A little of my reaction may have had to do with my not-so-recent-anymore break-up and thinking of how many people voiced their "approval" of "us" and how good we seemed together, and wishing I knew what it was like to commit to someone like that and have them commit to me. And that's related to the fact that some of my emotions around the break-up had to do with exactly the kind of thing the character Saul vocalized here. Mind you, I don't doubt two men can have a "real" relationship and marriage. And I'm not quite ready to "give up hope". But the jury's still out on whether my past, beliefs, principles, religious history echoing in me, social/cultural/family pressures and dynamics, desire to have children who are little products of 'us', questions of whether I'll find someone who is what I'm looking for who also is looking for someone like me for more than friendship or a test drive...whether all of these things, combined, leave me hope for a "real" lifetime relationship and family of the kind I always dreamed of.

There are a lot of thoughts and factors going into this which I'll probably delve into in upcoming posts, but the short version is: it's really hard to face the possibility that the reality of a great relationship and family for life (let alone eternity) with a great guy just doesn't exist, at least not for me, or to wonder which of the above factors might have to go in order to find happiness in such a relationship, or whether my dreams could just plain have it wrong.


Clint said...

I had to skip this post. (I haven't seen this week's episode.) :-)

JonJon said...

I just watched that episode last night and that part and others made me cry and I haven't gone through a recent break up. I lurve that show. I also lurve Kitty's new boyfriend. Love.

Original Mohomie said...

Clint, y'all come back now, y'hear? Or are you just glad to finally have an excuse for skipping one of my novels? ;-)

JonJon, yeah, I think the break-up itself isn't as much the issue as the insecurities it may have dug up. And let's be honest, I think many of us, maybe particularly we later-bloomers, have felt the way he described. Cry away, don't be ashamed. ;-)

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

It should be noted that one of the writers is a MoHo. A brilliant friend of mine.

Original Mohomie said...

A moho among the writers! That's fabulous. So what you're saying is you are going to contact your friend, who will arrange for us moho fans to come see a filming of the show and meet the actors? That's so cool of you! I'll start packing. Is Thursday OK?

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

Ha. That would be great. There's actually a lot of personal stories attached to this friend (who will make an appearance on the blog relatively soon... as in right after the grad app process has slowed down). I actually have some curiosities re: the latest of the show that are related if you ever have a second to start up an email convo. I've been meaning to chat with you since chedner considers you such a good friend.

Original Mohomie said...

My people will be in touch with your people.