03 May 2007

Oh $#!& this is so tragic...

This blog world is fascinating. I'm totally new to it, so the fact that I get hits from unexpected places is interesting, but more intriguing was discovering that my post ("Now I get it...") had become the (brief) discussion of someone else's blog/forum, from which I borrowed the title for this post.

I really appreciate the concern of those who bothered to read it, and I love that they apparently bothered to express some sympathy for my plight. In truth, I've been through hellish times coming to terms with it all. But what was fascinating to me was how "tragic" my post seemed to them. It seemed pretty matter-of-fact to me. Just another quirk of life, mostly. But to them, it seemed almost painful. Go fig.

I also realize that part of their sympathy is most likely for my poor, suppressed soul who can't accept his true sexuality without the restraints of religious or other traditions or structure.

So are they misreading me, ascribing their own frames of reference to my situation, or are they actually seeing past my facade of nonchalance into the deeply torn psyche that haunts me every day? The world may never know! But whatever the answer, I thought it would be fun to make a little foray into narcissism by showing what was said. After all, it's my first brush with international fame.

Comment (from, I think, the person who found my post):
Oh god... thats so sad, he, it just... awww people who can't accept their sexuality ...just... awwwww.... poor bloke....

but see, i bring this up:
all those girls that knew this guy - when they find out that he is with a guy, it makes u wonder if those "girl" friends of his wonder, if they did something wrong.

maybe they felt that he could not find a girl to be with.
what would they think of that???

That's sad. I just get the feeling he was down when he wrote that.
Despairing almost, in some parts.

That is really sad.

wow that is weird but i have heard of this before

You know what I remembered? It really is pretty weird. We blokes who find ourselves attracted to members of our own gender but deny ourselves the joys of homosexual bliss are queer folk.

So I've learned a valuable lesson from this: trying to make a somewhat light-hearted post about a potentially heavy subject is a delicate endeavor. Try to sound fairly light-hearted about it, and it almost sounds more pathetic. *grin*

In another ineresting collision, this random kid I met at a fireside--and whom I mentioned in a post as being one of an awkward group--ended up running across my blog himself and posting a response. Ha, such a tiny little world. Thanks for stopping by, Greg. How unsettling...


Kengo Biddles said...

Yes, it's amazing, and at times unsettling just how many people stumble across my blog...

Now you know the true "joys" of the bloggosphere.

My Best Is All I Have said...


Yeah, I just had someone from my ward call me today to tell me they found my blog. Eeek!