15 July 2007

Bill O'Reilly Strikes Again

I personally bristle at probably the majority of what Bill O'Reilly says, partially because of what he's saying, and mostly because of how he says it. Nevertheless, my beloved roommate is struggling--and we, his roommates, are trying to help him--with a growing Fox News addiction, so The O'Reilly Factor was on the other night, and I was subjected to his inflammatory rhetoric, and it was a doozy of a night.

They were discussing "gay gangs" and a story of someone who was badly beaten by a supposed gang of lesbians. The guest he was discussing this with insisted there was no proof it was a "gang" but was a group of women. So Mr. Bill quickly retorted with something like, "OK, fine, not a gang. A pack of lesbians..."

My eyes widened at the hugely offensive nature of his comment in a moment of disbelief and amazement that he could be so viciously inflammatory. Then I remembered who I was watching, and I could only gawk in amazement. "No Spin Zone" indeed.

Yet I'm only human--I cracked up until I cried.


iwonder said...

I do find it hard to believe that he thinks, let alone says even half of the things from his talk show. That's really what it is, a mindless conservative let's-bash-everything that-is-perceived-as-liberal-just because-we-can-and-not-because
it's-right talk show.

I watched the one where he was up in arms about the horrid gay night coupled with a hat give-a-way for kids that some baseball team had.

I wanted to punch him in the nose until he cried.

playasinmar said...

So if it wasn't a gang...

And why split that hair anyways? A [bunch] of lesbians beat someone up.

Kengo Biddles said...

So if it's a Pack of Lesbians, is it a Flamboyance of Fags? (That's the appropriate term for flamingos, oddly enough...)