30 November 2007

Dreaming of Max Power

So I had a dream a couple of nights ago, the likes of which I haven't had for quite some time. It was nice. Now, don't get me wrong, it wasn't "one of those dreams", just a good one.

I don't remember the details....at all, really. But there was one thing I couldn't forget: the hottest makeout I've dreamed about for a long time. With a very hot guy. It was tender but passionate, sweet but hot. It was oh, so welcome after going to bed feeling particularly lonely that night, in my great and spacious bed all by myself. So, as you might have guessed, this is where our blogger friend, Max Power, comes into the picture.

But perhaps not how you might be imagining. Right after this hot makeout ended, the unknown, mysterious hot guy I was making out with faded away, and then in came Max Power. He came right up to me and started making advances, none-to-subtle, I might add. After a brief fight against his eager groping and wet lipsmacks, I woke up startled and uncomfortable, frightened for my virtue.

Apparently, mohos in distant lands are so starved of affection, they may come for you in your dreams. Be warned, readers, it may happen to you.

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to actual people or events is purely coincidental.


playasinmar said...

That's what Max needs: another boyfriend. :P

J G-W said...

This reminded me of a dream I had in which I was riding on a bus in Minneapolis, and this very attractive guy wearing a suit and tie started coming on to me. I found his advances very difficult to resist, but somehow I resisted them. But he was very persistent.

In my dream I kept thinking, I just have to hold out long enough to get home, to get back to Göran.

Max Power said...

I object to your insinuations that my lipsmacks or groping and/or wet. Ok, maybe I do grope a little. But, as a few people on this planet can attest to, I am one of the better kissers out there. So suck on that!

I'll be in your neck of the woods at Christmas to visit my family. We should get together to, um, do something...

Original Mohomie said...