20 November 2007

Moho Bomb

Intriguing. While reviewing my stats to see who had visited my blog recently, I saw that one of today's visitors arrived at my blog after entering a unique and highly suspect Google search.

Be warned, oh mohos, that a dastardly plot may be underfoot. There are foreign groups who apparently have other plans for us than we ever imagined. It would seem someone in a far country has been reading our blogs and monitoring our misery and hopelessness and has decided to do something about it.

The silent and suspicious visitor from Croatia had entered a search in Google for just two words: "MOHO BOMB".

Now try not to alarmed, my angst-filled moho cohorts (mohorts?)! We cannot know what evil designs this mysterious Croatian is orchestrating. But I can think of just a few options, some of which are not as dark as you might imagine:

1) It is a bomb to obliterate mohodom as we know it, thereby putting us out of our supposed misery and saving the world from our confusing presence.

2) Even more unnerving a concept, it is a bomb actually made of mohos. A small band of scientists in Croatia has discovered the enormity of bottled-up energy in sexually-repressed mohos and has designed a device to harness that emotional explosivity and thereby release unprecedented destructive power upon the world.

3) Somebody has designed a "bomb" for us to use. Or maybe it's a pill that "cures" us, and they're marketing it as the "moho bomb". The Croatians heard about it first because market research turned up a large pocket of gay mormons there. The tag line on their commercials could be "nuke same-sex attraction before it nukes you".

4) They were searching for "da 'moho bomb,'" and they found him, baby.


playasinmar said...

Croatia's scientists are leaders in the field of Everything-Here-is-Rubble dynamics.

I hadn't heard of any newer research.

Scot said...

[*gasp* He’s on to us!]

Mar said...

ok maybe you have found this out already and maybe I should stop avoiding what I should be doing with my time, but I'm terribly curious and discovered that there is such a thing as a Moho map, which is a map of Mohorovicic Discontinuity (the boundary between the earth's crust and the mantle). The Mohorovicic Discontinuity was discovered in 1909 by Andrija Mohorovicic , a Croatian seismologist (go figure). I didn't pursue my search enough to get a clear understanding of where bomb fits in, but I did take a look at the European Moho Map (available online in PDF). It's a very colorful map. Kinda like a....rainbow :)

Original Mohomie said...

Wow...mar does research. I knew a "moho" is a geographical feature, but I didn't know exactly what it is or that the scientist credited with its discovery was Croatian. Whoa.

For more interesting "moho"ish facts, see my old post, The Moho Craze Around the World.

J G-W said...

Maybe this is actually more like the gay bomb the US military was working on.

The basic idea: you use the bomb on people in order to turn them into Mohos. Since we are a far too beleaguered minority, I say, bring it on. Start by dropping it on the Church Office Building.

Peter said...

If they could actually harness the power of sexually repressed mohos, then they could destroy the whole planet. Maybe this is the start of Armageddon. Yes that's it! This is our purpose in the plan of salvation! God created us to begin the end of the world. By making us suffer so, we are going to provide Croatia with the power to usher in the Millennium.