24 April 2008


*** Published 27 Oct 2010 ***

I wasn't going to comment on these examples but just mention them as illustrations. But this one I can't help but talk about a bit. As I've tried to integrate my life more, I've learned that I prefer for my closer friends to know about my attractions and to have them be as much a part of our interaction and conversation as anyone else's, not moreso. There are some people who don't need to know because it really doesn't affect our interactions or relationships, but I don't feel anxiety about people finding out. And as appealing as running away from the whole moho scene seems at times, I also know there are benefits from maintaining those ties, and going back to "pretending to be normal" just doesn't make much sense to me. I find life more rewarding when I can face it in all its reality. I do, however, recognize there are other circumstances which can justify a complete retreat at times for certain people, and I shy away from criticizing people who choose to do so. I don't know their situations. I just tend to think that more people do this extreme switch than necessary or even healthy. I've found the most peace and reconciliation in the previously uncomfortable task of bringing more aspects of my life and sociality together into one whole.

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