19 April 2008

Mohos Everywhere

*** Published 27 Oct 2010 ***

OK, so I was talking on the phone with a friend regarding how many mohos there are in Utah, and it reminded me that I've never posted an entry about that. So here's the announcement, for those of you less in-the-know on such matters or wondering if the rumors you've heard about the large gay underground in Salt Lake are true: ...drum roll, please...they're true.

Utah is full of gay people. Everywhere. Orem and Provo seem to be crawling with gay people, LDS or otherwise (mostly LDS), open or closeted (mostly closeted). Salt Lake is full of them as well.

You know how most cities have pride festivals? Salt Lake has two: summer and winter. Crazy, eh? And, as I wrote in Brother's Questions, the BYU Men's Chorus, with their strong, masculine sound, is actually full of gay boys, some of whom have a reputation for making the rounds. But not all mormon homos are Men's Chorus sluts. There are actually many who are mostly just like their peers but attracted to men but not "acting on" that attraction. I personally know at least a few dozen such young men and women at BYU alone, and most of them know others I don't. In Provo and Orem, I've lost count of how many gay people I know, the majority of which are actively LDS. Salt Lake has dozens of others I'm aware of.

I know probably a dozen or so men in the area who are married, most of whom are pretty quiet about their attractions with most people.

I know of several others scattered throughout the country. I would say every ward has at least a couple of people with dominant same-sex attraction, and many wards have several.

And these are just the ones I know about. Who knows what other social circles are out there that I'm not aware of, or who has never talked with anyone about it?

In short, we are everywhere. We have infiltrated every nook and cranny of society. ...Maybe I should choose different wording for that. ...nah. So chances are, someone you know thinks people of their same gender are sexy and/or tends to fall for them more than people of the opposite gender. I guess that's a safe wager considering my readership, but you know what I mean...

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