05 October 2009

Losing It Late

Aw, crap. See, not only am I no Itzhak Perlman by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm in a demographic likely to experience sexual dysfunction later in life? Well, that's it. I give up. Lifelong virgin, that's it.

Warning: though this particular video is pretty tame, some of his other videos (which will likely be linked to at the end of this one), while refreshingly frank, use over-the-top language (in my opinion) and a notable...how to say this...lack of expressed support of sexual restraint or "the law of chastity".


Sean said...

There is enough medical evidence to corroborate the amusing methodology of answering such a question. My grandfather always suggested that beating around the bush only has you chasing your tail in a conversation.

Original Mohomie said...

Ha, I like it when people just talk about things in a matter-of-fact or frank way, as long as it's not going to the other extreme from prudish into crude amplification. But seriously, if more parents talked to their youngsters with such frankness, I suspect we'd see a lot less weirdness around sex, especially in the church.