08 October 2009

Watching Mohos Moving With Mojo at the Wilk

This is so beautiful. I'm currently at a BYU dance competition, and you can cut the sexual repression with a knife, but it's all in good fun. I'm enjoying the people-watching immensely: the ultra-serious, ultra gay-acting blond boy, the lanky brunett who looks oddly familiar and cheek-pinchingly cute but a touch sullen, the really hot guy in red who sadly for my fantasies is married and has a baby girl, the girls who seem to have no clue that their partners are inclined towards boys, etc etc. I love it. Oh, and the dancing is fun to watch, too.

But seriously...I always forget how many quite good-looking guys there are on this campus. I should probably not be checking out guys in the Wilk. Ah well, sue me.

You know, if you brought in the dance teams, the Young Ambassadors, and the BYU Men's Chorus, this room might spontaneously combust from the sexual energy of having like 90% of BYU's heterosexually challenged dudes together.


Bravone said...

I can't believe the stereotyping you fling about so judgmentally about the Young Ambassadors and BYU Men's Chorus! What proof do you have (wink)?

Anonymous said...

"Mohos Moving With Mojo" wins the best use of alliteration in a blog in recent memory award.

And you paint such a fun and vivid picture of that odd (but wonderful in its own way) world of BYU.

Sometimes I'm glad that I'm a Ute. :-)

Kengo Biddles said...

I have to say that this is pretty much what I enjoy about BYU, too. It's total schadenfreude, but, man, do I love it.

Jon said...

I have to admit, when I was there a couple weeks ago, I felt the same way. It was kind of surreal because I remember being there and being part of that suppression. Going back, I felt like I had been disconnected from the Matrix but was let back in to walk around and observe. I'm pretty sure I had a big huge grin on my face the whole time I was walking around. I also strolled past the ballroom and saw lots of gaymoness.

Mia said...

Maybe this is why I'm always drawn to Provo.

Hidden said...

There's sexual repression at BYU?!? Blasphemy!