01 October 2009

Straight Men Getting It On With Men

When people say homosexuality is all about sex, I think they're actually talking about this (don't worry, it's nothing scandalous), which I don't think of as homosexuality but rather as simple, good old fashioned horniness. He asserts many points I think some scientists and psychologists will say are disputed and not quite as cut-and-dry as he (a gay psychologist) seems to believe, but the discussion is an interesting one, and he makes some good points, I think. But I guess, in the most literal sense of the word, this behavior is, in fact, homosexual but probably distinct from "being gay". Oh, the semantic journey of social and biblical questioning this could take me on... Nope, I'm going to the gym instead. Toodles!

Sidenote: I don't like that he brings "bromance" into that discussion because as I understand it, bromance is not at all sexual but is a type of friendship some people call "romantic" friendship, but not in the sense of wanting to be with in a conjugal or "romantic" relationship but more like a form of infatuation or a "friend crush"...OK, shutting up. Gym.

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EJ said...

Haha you said toodles, you're so queer~