15 October 2010

A Fort Worth City Council member says, "It gets better"

Thanks to Sean for posting this powerful video. As I said before, assurances that they'll eventually leave their home and find friends who support homosexual relationships are of little comfort to an LDS kid who doesn't want to leave their belief system or live "sinfully" but who still wants to know someone understands. But this video is so personal, so seemingly sincere, and so relate-able in many ways to youth who want a more "conservative" lifestyle and who don't believe the lies about what being gay means that I think it's my favorite I've seen so far. OK, maybe it's my favorite because it's the one I most relate to.

And as Jey poignantly points out, a war on bullying, though one approach which probably needs to be taken, doesn't quite get at the root, which has more to do with the way the bullied youth are processing the persecution and derision they may face, and they may need more help with that than parents are equipped to offer. In attacking bullies, let's not forget to lift up the bullied until the bullies lose their power one strengthened, resilient heart at a time.

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blj1224 said...

Thank you so much for posting that video. It gives parents with SSA children hope that our children can have a good and happy life.