06 October 2010

Only in my dreams

It's been over two weeks, and just when things are really starting to look up, my dreams try to sabotage my peace. Last night, I dreamed I was hanging out with the "ex", if he can be called that. We chatted, we drove around (and somehow saw a lane of traffic with a couple of semi trucks driving backwards, which was pretty cool), we watched TV just as buddies, on separate couches even, and it was fine and comfortable. He even left funny little corny, slightly inappropriate messages scribbled into the dust on the TV screen. I chuckled when I saw them, which I only noticed after he left abruptly without a word, leaving me wondering where he'd gone and missing his friendship. <sarcasm>Gee, could such a dream mean anything?</sarcasm>

On the brighter side, I also dreamed, before all of this, that I was at a tropical, Disney-style theme park waiting to see the dolphin show (which, incidentally, was more aware of and responsive to the well-being of the dolphins than any show I'd seen--leave it to my brain to throw in that detail) and trying to figure out which rides I could get in before lunch. Then I was infiltrating a research facility to retrieve a miniature batmobile and a teleportation portal, shooting up droids, laser cannons, and Darth Vader in a shower of "bew-bew" laser fire and rescuing from a closet a mad scientist who was going to help us unlock the teleportation module. So that was pretty awesome.

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blj1224 said...

I want in on the theme park dream.