28 October 2010

Back-published posts

More old posts I didn't publish until now for various reasons. Some of them were thoughts I wanted to expound on more before publishing but didn't get back around to. Some were a bit controversial, or I didn't want to get too heavy at the time. With some, I delayed publishing mainly because I'd already been publishing more than most readers cared to keep up with, so I figured I'd publish them during slower times when I have less to write about but then forgot about them. Some I just didn't know if I should vocalize at the time for other reasons. Don't misread me, here: I don't expect y'all to eagerly eat these up. I'm just saying they're available for your eyes if you're interested enough to read them at some point, maybe the next time I go through a dry spell.

More to come (as if most of you give a hoot, but for the few who do)...

Jan 2008

Determining truth

Feb 2008

Sexuality is the root of all evil

Missing out on the fun

Can you stay in the middle ground?

Mar 2008

Free-spirited moments

Apr 2008

Friends don't fully substitute

Mohos everywhere

Getting outside of ourselves

Applying gayness to future possibilities

Sluttiness is sluttiness


Glimpses of the one you felt for

Lost that lovin' feeling

Honor Code Schmonor Code

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