13 January 2008

Cass Identity Model

Go fig, I hadn't heard of this until I saw it one someone else's blog today: the Cass Identity Model. It was apparently developed in 1979 and has faced criticism regarding its cultural bias or applicability in a changed society, but it's interesting, nonetheless.

I wonder how the moho model compares? The same? Similar? Different? Looking through it, I think I've experienced those stages in some form or another, actually, as is reflected in my recent post Feeling Real at the Matises. Just this weekend, I told a friend that those stages I describe regarding the monthly firesides at the Matises' home are also indicative of my life in general for that time period.

And my other recent post, Integration, may be a sign that I'm somewhere in the final stage of the model. Hm...


Peter said...

It's nice to know that someone else discovered that model on the blogs today and has been thinking about it ever since.

Abelard Enigma said...

As I understand it, the Cass Identity Model represents evolutionary stages that many gay people go through where we start in the "Identify Confusion" stage and work our way up to the "Identity Synthesis" stage.

I know, looking at my own life, I can certainly see where I used to be in the "Identify Confusion" stage. As I started to accept my sexual orientation, I moved onto the "Identity Comparison" and then "Identity Comparison" stages. I think I may now be moving into the "Identity Acceptance" stage. I'm kind of hoping I can skip the "Identify Pride" stage and go right into the "Identity Synthesis" stage. Or, perhaps I'll just hang around in the "Identity Acceptance" stage for a while.

BTW, it's "Cass", not "Class", named after Vivienne Cass, who developed the Cass Identity Model.

Original Mohomie said...

Ha, thanks for the correction.