28 February 2011

The truth about mormons...and heterosexuals...

I know some very vocal ex-mormons who speak at conferences to reveal the "truth" about Mormons, the seedy underbelly and corruption in Mormon culture behind the fluffy, feel-good masks of family-centrism and values-based living. They explain the dishonesty of the members, the hypocrisy rampant in leadership, the child abuse, the spouse abuse, the consumerism, the addiction to antidepressants, the truth about their beliefs which they don't publicly acknowledge because they know how outlandish they are. Yes, the truth about Mormons can only be revealed by one who has left that lifestyle and can be corroborated both by Mormon neighbors we've all heard complain about those very issues in their own culture and by their own leaders who reveal their underlying bigotry and lust for control over their disciples: it's so clearly confirmed that there's no denying the ex-mormons are on to something.

I have a few straight friends. Yes, I do. No, seriously. And some of them have told me the truth about straight people. They are thoroughly convinced that marriage is a ruse, a farce, a joke and can testify why from their own experience. Sure, they might acknowledge possible exceptions, but those are just better at fooling themselves. They talk about their past affairs and swinger parties with leaders and members of conservative and sexually puritanical churches and the testament that is to the falseness of their supposed values, are absolutely convinced that everyone is a total sexual freak and some just won't admit it and that everyone watches porn and masturbates daily whether they admit it or not, and they can tell you the "truth" about people based on their experience in a sex industry.

Yeah, you see my point yet? Why does anyone buy so very thoroughly into occasional accounts from "ex-gays" who loudly proclaim the "truth" they've uncovered about "the gay lifestyle" based on their experience cruising gay dating sites, or a couple of gay relationships, or twenty years as a prostitute and porn star, and think that story is somehow "the truth" because they've heard hints of similar complaints even from gay people themselves? And especially without really examining their credibility/sanity and checking the facts as they would anyone else criticizing a society or culture they are fond of? Come on, people!


Clint said...

Twenty years as a prostitute and porn star? ...sounds exhausting.

JonJon said...

Exhausting, but it puts food on my table.