24 February 2011

Your mom's Wii

I laugh at the occasional "your mom" joke (I've typically found most of them pretty distasteful or disrespectful, but some of them are good-natured), and I appreciate some clever or downright saucy Wii references and innuendo. But my mom owns a Wii, which was borrowed tonight by a friend, and when my brain "goes there" and--seemingly against my own will--combines a "your mom" joke with a "Wii" reference in relation to my friends, the awkwardness makes me want to curl into a ball and rock myself with eyes tightly shut while repeating some comforting phrase over and over, and all things innuendoish are not my friends until I'm able to recover. And if you know my propensity for innuendo, you know that's saying something.

Maybe it's disrespectful of me to even mention it, but...I think my point in bringing it up is that while I don't believe there's generally any truly productive reason to broadcast "ew"-inducing thoughts, pretending they don't exist or keeping them a secret not only gives them power but also leaves good people thinking they're sick and twisted and shameful for having them on occasion. I've had what I think have been productive and healthy discussions with people whom you might never suspect of having thought or done certain things, who thought they were the only ones until we laughed about it together and shrugged at human oddity. I've been surprised to see how relieved they seem when they find out someone else who's not a crazy or a total deviant relates, and we can acknowledge it without giving it any prominence or glorifying it, and it almost paradoxically dissolves its influence or power.

Of course, maybe I am sick and twisted, but at least I shake such thoughts off and say to my brain, "Whoa! Ew! Not funny, just wrong!" Then I make the necessary "blblblblblblblechblechblech" noise. Sometimes I wish Family Guy and South Park writers would tell themselves that. No such luck. My opinion of those shows, you ask? My response: "Hated it!".

OK, so I've laughed at Family Guy a couple of times.

I'm so glad I have this intimate, judgment-free forum in which to make such odd confessions. Thank you for 'listening'. I will have to balance this with some constructive, uplifting, meaningful post. ...Sometime. Not now. I'm more in the mood for something brainless to help me unwind, like playing with my Wii...


Bravone said...

Hahaha! It was just a wii small favor.

Clint said...

YOUR MOM paradoxically dissolves its influence or power.


blj1224 said...

I absolutely LOVE that you're so able to not cringe in the face of such things. By design, when my children were, well, children, they only saw one side of me. I always wanted to set a good example, knowing they'd figure things out for themselves sooner or later. Now that they're adults, I'm not so careful. And I'm OK with that. And I think they're OK with that, now that the shock has worn off :-) We relate on an adult level, including a bit of off-color joking. It's OK. And I'm sure God just rolls his eyes and smirks. And loves us anyway.