02 February 2011

Wicked Tease

A friend sent me a link to an article quoting James Franco as saying, presumably in his cheeky Franco way, "Maybe I'm gay."

James, don't tease. You're already my primary celeb crush, and the only male celebrity I really want to have dinner conversation with. I'm sad I missed you at Sundance Film Festival, but I'm getting over it. Regardless, the following video makes me feel all happy inside and reminds me of something I posted once:


blj1224 said...

Dream on, oh wishful thinking one . . . :)

blj1224 said...

I read the interview with Franco at the Sundance Film Festival. He's impressive . . . not because he's so accomplished, but because he seems real and self actualized. Reading what he said on the link you provided, it supported my perception that he's a man comfortable in his own skin. He appears to be interested neither in hiding nor announcing his sexuality, one way or the other. He doesn't seem to see it as an issue. I really like that.

JonJon said...

I saw that headline on CNN.com and of course I clicked on it and was fairly disappointed as well. I'm sure James is wondering why you didn't call while he was in Utah.