17 February 2011

Why I love Diana Krall

While listening to a playlist tonight (the one on my blog, actually), Diana Krall's A Case of You (originally by Joni Mitchell) played (I can't embed it, but the linked video of a live performance is so great), and I realized I didn't used to like that song (I thought it was boring) but now really like it and what it evokes.

So guess what I've spent the last hour or so doing? Yep, YouTubing Diana Krall music videos to review all of the reasons I fell in love with her music and how many of her songs "speak to me".  Ah, good times.

And while exploring, I ran across this, which just plain made me smile. I love Nancy Wilson's signature style in this song, and Bill Cosby's antics, and the infectious jazz spirit which won me over years ago in my small hometown with a world-class jazz festival, which happens to be where I first heard and fell for Diana Krall when she sang "Peel Me a Grape" with all the saucy sass I could hope to find...y'know, in a woman:

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