24 September 2010

Bradshaw Lecture

While I have never been bent on deciding whether I was "made" this way or "became" this way, whether in the womb or in childhood or whatever, this is an interesting lecture and probably challenges a lot of more traditional LDS people's beliefs on the issue. Even if it is primarily physiological, what you do with it depends on your beliefs and priorities in life. He may make a few hasty or unexplained extrapolations or conclusions about the findings, but it's an interesting conversation for sure.

You can listen to the full audio of Dr. William Bradshaw's lecture on a biological basis for homosexuality at BYU last night, courtesy of Mormon Stories.

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blj1224 said...

I listened to the entire thing, including the Q&A. It was excellent. Do you have any doubt about it? Thank you for providing the link. I plan to do all I can within the Church to build bridges.